Home and office design

Following a thorough consultation, Tidewings Creative provides clients with an efficient plan to streamline the design and flow of their home and/or office spaces. Clients may choose from a consultation-only approach and independently utilize suggested designs, or they can opt for a full-service option, including consultation, a full design plan, as well as implementation of final plans by Tidewings Creative.

Visual Communication

Tidewings Creative is available for Instagram management, creative content, photography services and more. Customize your social and visual design plan to reflect the core of your business, event or social engagement, and effectively communicate with your audience or guests. Choose from individual services or all-inclusive packages.



Event Planning

Plan your next private event with a fully-customized and detailed design plan provided by Tidewings Creative.  Working closely with clients, we will tune into every detail of your vision to materialize creative impulse into sophisticated and intriguing events.  Drawing from the arts as inspiration, Tidewings Creative seeks to change how we envision private events: a retirement dinner to reflect your career, a seasonal party that draws upon nature’s elements or a poem, or a unique stage for a business meeting or conference.